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ACK!! A comment!!

Ok...so somehow the word got out! My blog has been found and it isn't even "ready for public consumption" yet! Guess this means I better get it in gear and add some content to this puppy. Thanks for the warm welcome to blog-land. :)

So here are a couple of pics of the very first socks I've ever made. They were done with the "magic loop" technique since the whole dpn deal just seemed more awkward then it needed to be. During the course of their progress I found out that I am a "twisted knitter". Thanks to my dear Stitch n' Bitch buddy Lauren I think I am on my way to reform now. I finished these socks the "twisted" way and I've started another pair that I'm working my way to reform on. My tension is a bit weird, but I think I'm figuring it all out. Unfortunately I can't make it to an SnB meeting this week to get more input (damn gig) but maybe next week.

Here is a pic of the completed WoolEase Socks.

Here's a detailed view

And now off to rehearsal... again...*sigh*