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Advanced Homework Procrastination Techniques

Happy Sunday! I've been crunching numbers and fighting with Excel spreadsheets all morning. Ugh. But I'm taking a break from all that for a bit. Don't you just love the title of this entry?! I stole it from my friend and fellow S'nB-er Sami. :)

So here's what I've been working on. Last night between rehearsal and the concert I edged the square that came in the mail for the special ghan I'm working on for HMB.

I've got one more square that will hopefully arrive early next week and then I'll be able to start assembling this one. I also still need to get my own square done. I've just got a few more rows to go:

Pineapple Square

This is one of my favorite square patterns and I've done it so much I've got it memorized! That's pretty amazing for me since I can't seem to memorize anything to save my life! LOL. The pattern comes from "Priscilla's Crochet"which also has a lot of other great free patterns. The pattern I use for joining the squares comes from this site too. (Unfortunately this site goes over it's bandwidth a lot. If you can't seem to get in, try this link.)

I've also got an OPH (Operation Purple Heart) in the works:

Just a few more to go on this one too. I did my first Adoring Hearts square for this one. The pattern is in the book "A Crocheter's Garden of Afghans" by Leisure Arts. The picture in the book shows it in one color and it looks kinda blah, but when you use a couple of colors to make the hearts stand out a bit it really makes it look kinda cool I think. Everyone on HMB raves about this square. Someone also created an edging using the pattern which I will have to try sometime.

I had a lot of time to kill in between rehearsal and the concert last night so I made a couple of stops. :) I got this at A.C. Moore:

Yes, more sock yarn. I bought the circs cause I really like how bamboo feels in my hands. I'm pretty skeptical about the cord holding up to the magic loop process though. And the magnets are to tape in the windows of my car since some schmuck stole the last one I had right off the car! Makes you wonder about humanity sometimes...

Anyway, Michael's was rather disappointing. I even looked through some magazines and couldn't find anything worth buying. So I went to Panera for dinner and worked on the Magic Stripes sock. Here's my progress:

I think I may have a hard time with second sock syndrome on this one. The pattern I'm using (which is from the yarn label) is just not very intuitive and I'm not exactly loving it. Although it is working and so far it does fit so I shouldn't complain. Here's the decreasing:

I'm a little worried about the "gather" that seems to be happening just above the heel. At least I'm at the point where I can just work the foot for a while. The decreases were stressing me out! LOL. I'm also really glad I finally broke down and spent two bucks on stitch markers. I've never really needed them before but they really do help with socks.

Well I guess that's enough procrastination for now. :) Must get back to the paper. Can't believe I have to present in class tomorrow. Ugh again. Wish me luck!