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Ball winding bliss

The new pattern for the 6 sox knitalong is supposed to be posted tomorrow so it was time to wind the Koigu into balls. And just in the knick of time Eklectica posted a note to the SnB list with a link to a site that talks about winding a ball using a nostepin or, of all thing, a toilet paper tube! I'm all about doing something easy on the cheap so I gave it a shot and I think it worked out well.

It makes for an awfully big hole in the middle of the ball, but it pulls from the center and seems to hold its shape pretty well. Best of all, my hands didn't totally cramp up while trying to wind the ball like they usually do. No pain is a definite plus.
So now I'm all set for the new pattern. Just have to wait until tomorrow for it to be posted. Hopefully I'll have the right size needles and I'll be all set. I'm hoping to do them both at once too so this should be REALLY interesting.
Oh...and lest you think I forgot:
Bills 38 - Seahawks 9
Hmmm...maybe the season isn't a complete loss? We shall see.

I've managed to make some progress on the wedding afghan:

What you see here is about 1 skein worth of work. I've got three more to go. Oh yeah...and it's about 5 feet long (pics can be so deceiving can't they?!). The pattern calls for 14 pattern repeats but I'm doing it with a K hook instead of an I so I may not need that many. It seems to be going pretty quickly. I guess it had better since it needs to be done by January 2nd!
I'm also hoping to work on squares for HMB soon. I have a bag of partial skeins of yarn that I think I'm just going to make into plain granny squares. There is a contest going on and for every 12 inch granny you send to an assembler you get one entry in a drawing for a goodie bag that will probably be (just what I need) more yarn! :) But it's for a good cause and I can do a granny without looking so it shouldn't be too hard. All I have to do is find something decent on TV to watch while I'm making them. That could be the real challenge.