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Holy Enabling Batman!!

Bills 37!!! - St. Louis 17
Oh ye of little faith, take a look at that score! Woo hoo!! :)
So last night my Mom just had to tell me that Michael's is having a sale on Woolease! I really want to do the "Dusty Miller" cardigan from Crocheted Aran Sweaters and that is exactly what it calls for. Can you hear the money leaving my wallet?! I knew when they put the new Michael's in about 2 miles from my apartment that it was going to be a very dangerous thing indeed. LOL!
At the end of the summer I did the "Morning Mist" sweater from the same book in Caron and I really like how it came out. This was the first time that I made something of the wearable variety that actually came out the way it was supposed to (i.e. it fit a human being instead of some unknown deformed creature). I'm glad I did it in acrylic instead of wool though. It is so warm as it is I can't imagine what it would have been like if I had done it with a wool yarn! So I have added yet another "future project" to the list. Sure am glad that I'm about to have a couple of days off to work on getting some of the "in progress" stuff done!
Speaking of which, I am really rocking on the second MS stock. Here is my progress since casting on after I finished the other one on Saturday measured against the first one:

I'm still a bit worried about having enough yarn. I figure since all I really have to do in class tonight is turn in my paper and listen to the other presentations, I should be able to get a good deal of work done on the foot. I might as well accomplish something while I'm learning something right?
By the way, the Koigu has been safely stored in a drawer that one particular feline can not enter unless she suddenly grows an opposable thumb. And if you haven't seen this stuff in person, don't do it or you will end up with some going home with you too! It's quite *petable*.
And yes, the paper is FINISHED!!!!! I just can't seem to get my stapler to staple it since it's so thick so I will have to try with the electric one at work. There is a decaf white chocolate mocha at Starbucks with my name on it tonight. :) I decided that would be my little treat to myself for getting the thing done and in on time. Since I'm not supposed to have caffeine at all and decaf does have some in it, well, believe me, it's a treat.
So after class tonight I will have to start packing for the retreat to the land of dial-up. It's kind of like going back in time in a way. Yes, going home means no high speed internet access, no cell phone signal and no Starbucks for miles. It's enough to drive a blogger nutty. But if it means getting a vacation, I'll take it! If there aren't many blog updates in the coming week, now you'll know why. It may be all I can stand just to read my e-mail. But I am definitely ready for the break. I'm going to crochet and knit until my little fingers can't move!! :) Yes that's a happy thing. And somewhere in there I will have to practice the bassoon a bit too.
Now to get ready for that trip to Michael's....