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A little vacuuming is good for the soul

Now that Mr. Vacuum and Mr. Floor have been reacquainted I feel much better. Life can go on as scheduled.

Check it out! My current special HMB ghan is done!! It took another SnB session and working on it until 11:30pm last night but there it is!!

Simba must, of course, inspect it fully before it leaves the house as you can see in the pic.

We also send tote bags with the ghans so here is a shot of both together:

I think it all came out quite well. It's always amazing that even though people send squares and material from all over North America and sometimes the world, they all work together.

I decided on a simple edging for this one since I thought the squares were all so pretty and I didn't want to take away from that. Here's a close up:

Any comments?

So the paper is coming along. I didn't make it to yoga this morning because I wanted to get it solidified before my meeting with Sami tonight to get the statistics worked out in my poor little brain. The last of my participants should have their reports in by 8pm tonight (why the heck did I agree to extend the deadline without looking at time zone first?!) and then it's "Let the analysis begin!". Lucky me. Obviously I have a lovely weekend planned for myself.

However, the bright side is that Sami and I are having dinner at a favorite coffee shop downtown and will of course be doing at least a *little* bit of knitting in the process. The next major goal is to get the Magic Stripes socks done and off the needles. I joined the 6 sox knitalong the other day and the new pattern starts December 1st. I'm a little worried as the past patterns look a bit complicated. I also need to find some solid colored sock yarn since I think that would be much nicer with the type of patterns they seem to be doing. The multicolor would be a bit too busy I think.

So what is everyone's favorite sock yarn? Where do you purchase it? If you have a source for a good price on Addi turbo needles I'd love to hear that too.

And just to end Friday on an up note, I made the mistake of putting my huge tote bag that I'm using for transporting in process afghans on the floor where Simba could get curious last night. So here are some obligatory cat photos:

That look could only mean trouble...

Does a mother know her kid or what?

Luckily the yarn and tools were already out. Here's the end result:

Now if I could only get her to stay in there so I wouldn't have to use the cat carrier to get her back to NY next week...

Have a great weekend!!