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Monday Monday

Bills 6 - Pats 29
Not exactly a good way to end the weekend...but at least the Bills didn't get completely shut out.
So between working on the paper and procrastinating on the paper I decided to do this:

That's right. Two tubes on one circular needle. It really is possible! This was a complete pain in the you-know-what to get started but I eventually got it worked out. Then of course I realized that I had screwed up the ribbing pattern and had to pull some out which involved transferring things back and forth to another needle and now I somehow have one that is x number of rows and the other is x+1. Oh well. Not a big deal.
These are actually going to be another pair of Voodoo's for a seasonal holiday present for someone. I say another because I made a pair (albeit much shorter than the pattern calls for) for myself to use at work [don't bother looking in the FO gallery for them. I forgot to take a pic]. My office is about 63 degrees all year 'round and after about two hours at the computer I can hardly move my fingers sometimes! I tried fingerless gloves but there was too much *stuff* between my fingers and I ended up with @$#&)#$&@& instead of what I wanted to type! LOL.
Just have to add one more thing. I found this link while I was surfing some other blogs yesterday. I live in a blue state, I voted in a blue state and I'm proud of it! I may have to get some stuff when the cashflow is a little better around here. Boy would my folks freek if I came home with that bumper sticker on my car! :)
And now I must return to term paper land. Not a happy place...let me tell you....