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100 Things

I've seen this done on a couple of other blogs and found it interesting. It's quite the "getting to know you" sort of thing. Since I don't have much else to report today since I'm still waiting for more input on the sock stitches (hint, hint) I thought I'd post this now. Hopefully you won't find it totally weird or depressing.

1. I’m 26 and have been going gray since I was 22.
2. That fact doesn’t make me happy.
3. I’ve been coloring my hair since about 22.
4. I lost my mom’s parents when I was 12 and 14.
5. I tried to follow them shortly thereafter.
6. I’m glad I didn’t manage to do that.
7. I’ve battled depression most of my adult life without really knowing it.
8. I’m scared to death of the day my parents die.
9. I’m also scared to death of bodies of water larger than a bathtub.
10. I almost drowned twice as a kid.
11. I don’t really want to find out if the third time really is the charm.
12. I’m hypoglycemic.
13. After I changed my diet I lost 10 pounds.
14. I’m 5’11”
15. I’m not saying how much I weigh.
16. I’m basically a vegetarian.
17. I won’t cook meat but I’ll eat it out or at my parent’s house.
18. I’ll cook fish but I think it’s gross.
19. I have a bachelor’s degree from SUNY Fredonia in Music Performance.
20. I have a master’s degree from Yale in Music Performance.
21. I will (hopefully) get my second master’s degree from Southern CT State University in May in Library Science.
22. I’m still not quite sure what I want to be when I grow up.
23. The thought of a 9-5 job sounds boring as hell.
24. I’d really like a retirement plan and a paid sick day though.
25. I dated a guy for 5.5 years and then broke up with him.
26. He was shorter than me by two inches.
27. I’m not sure I believe in marriage.
28. I don’t want human kids.
29. My cat is an only child just like me.
30. I don’t believe in god.
31. I think organized religion is a crock.
32. But I don’t think less of people who participate in it.
33. I believe in an afterlife.
34. I believe that divinity exists in every living thing.
35. I don’t think I need someone to tell me how to live as a good person.
36. My parents taught me that.
37. I think men who rape women should either have their penis registered as a deadly weapon and branded or should have it cut off.
38. If you think I’m kidding about that one, try me.
39. I think that would stop a lot of sexual assault.
40. I don’t think women’s liberation is over.
41. I think women of my generation mistakenly think that we are equal, we aren’t.
42. I’m still depressed about the presidential election.
43. I think Canada is awesome.
44. Lake Moraine in Alberta is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been and may be the most beautiful place on earth.
45. I went to Spain in 8th grade.
46. I totally want to go back some day.
47. I love to travel.
48. I wish I had the money to travel more.
49. I also wish I had someone to go with.
50. I play bassoon and contrabassoon.
51. I don’t practice enough.
52. I go to bassoon camp every May.
53. I got a horse when I was 12.
54. I used to go to a show once a month from April – October.
55. I got Lyme’s disease in High School and had to stop riding.
56. My horse died my senior year of High School.
57. I still miss him.
58. I learned to knit and crochet around age 10 but didn’t really do anything with it until college.
59. I was a double major in Performance and Education as an undergrad.
60. I got through 6 weeks of student teaching and dropped Education.
61. I had already passed my state exams.
62. I love to teach privately but hate public school.
63. My high school band director is still one of my great friends.
64. My dad was a NY State Cop for 26.5 years.
65. My mom had the hardest job in the world, raising me.
66. My dad directed traffic at the first Woodstock.
67. He was also on the SWAT Team that protected the 1980 Olympics.
68. He listened to the US beat the Russians in hockey on the radio while guarding the hanger housing Walter Mondale’s plane.
69. I love watching Hockey.
70. The Buffalo Sabres are my team.
71. I’m very sad there isn’t any hockey this year.
72. I have a Sabres mouse pad that I bought in CT weirdly enough.
73. I still have my Domink Hasek jersey in my closet.
74. I love yoga.
75. I wish I could do it more.
76. I thought about becoming a yoga teacher.
77. I think learning Sanskrit would be cool.
78. I really need to learn German first.
79. I’ve also thought of becoming a massage therapist.
80. I’ve had a lot of problems with my hands (tendonitis, thoracic outlet syndrome and ulner neuropathy).
81. I was in a rehearsal in undergrad and both my hands went numb. Not fun.
82. It’s pretty much under control now.
83. Yoga really seems to help with everything.
84. I think Letterman is better than Leno.
85. I’m one of those people that is always cold.
86. I’ve never knit with beads but I’m gonna learn!!
87. I don’t think using acrylic yarn is a sin against humanity.
88. I’m having a problem thinking of stuff for the last 12 things.
89. I don’t like snow.
90. But I own all the necessary equipment for cross-country skiing.
91. I love sushi but can’t have the white rice anymore.
92. When I grow up I want a great dane and a westy and I want to name them Wallace and Grommit.
93. I don’t think Simba will stand for that though.
94. My favorite movie of all time is the first Fantasia.
95. I love Tom Hanks though.
96. My favorite painting is the Garden of Delights by Bosch.
97. My favorite composer is Beethoven even though he did some pretty evil things to bassoon players.
98. My bassoon’s name is Stravinsky though because the first thing I played on him was the opening of the Rite of Spring.
99. My favorite flowers are roses.
100. I’m a total Pisces and can never make up my mind about anything.