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It's a FO!!

Now that the Christmas cards are done (whew!) I can get back to my favorite pastimes. Friday night I finished the Quick Cable Sweater!

I would model it but that whole timer thing on my camera and trying to find a place to put it not to mention the fact that I am in "sloppy weekend mode"...well let's just say it wouldn't be pretty. I'll have to have my Mom take a pic of me in it when I go home next week.

Anyway, this has definitely got to be record time for a wearable garment of considerable size. It took exactly 9 days. Crazy. The seaming was probably the most difficult part. My blocking escapade really didn't seem to help much. I started with the sleeves and sewed them in using mattress stitch but I only sewed the long side and not the "notches". That was pretty dumb because when I finished going up the side of the body it made for a bit of weirdness. Somehow I managed. I also had to fudge the collar a bit. I ended up picking up more stitches than the pattern said and just reducing to the correct number on the first round. It seemed to work out and there aren't any big holes. If you ever make one of these, believe me, it is nice a toasty warm. I'm one of those people who is always cold so I'm totally happy with it. Others with more normal body temperature might find it a bit much. But I don't think you can go too wrong with a 9 day sweater. Of course this whole accomplishment is only adding fuel to the fire of my current "wow, you mean I can actually make stuff to wear and it will really fit?!?!" phase.

In keeping with that I am making progress on the December socks. I've finally made it to the end of the cuff and have started the heal flaps. Once I figured out that I didn't really have to go by the pattern for the number of stitches since I altered that anyway it was pretty easy. Now I'll just have to see if doing the gusset works with this whole two on one circ thing. Nothing exciting to show there so no pic for now.

However, my recent crochet hook aversion must be over. Last night I started to work on the Dusty Miller. Let me tell you, this will definitely NOT be a 9 day sweater. If you haven't seen this before, here is the pic from the book:

This can be found in Crocheted Aran Sweaters by Jane Snedden Peever. You can see another sweater from this book in the FO gallery over in the sidebar. I just love how this looks and have been waiting to do it. I'm using Lion Brand Woolease in Fisherman for that authentic Aran Sweater look. This is what I have so far:

Just that little bit took FOREVER. Of course I'm probably using the sweater I just finished as a frame of reference so you'll have to excuse my impatience. It took me a bit of doing to get my head around the pattern too. It's worked from side to side horizontally instead of vertically which was a bit of a shock. I'm a little worried about finding the right buttons when I'm finished too but that will just have to wait. Between this sweater, the socks and two HMB ghans (for which the squares have suddenly been coming in like crazy) I should have plenty to keep me busy while I'm home for Christmas.
Edit: I almost forgot! I've been approved for the Crochet Blogs webring! :) You can find it down in the side bar. Now I'm just waiting to hear from New England Knits...