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Lazy Friday

Does anyone else find that if they don't have to go to work they get next to nothing done? I've been so totally unmotivated today and I have to be at a rehearsal in a few hours. There were tons of things I could have done today but didn't quite get to most of them.
Anyway, I've finished off the 2nd skein of yarn for the Wedding afghan. I figure everyone is probably getting sick of looking at it so I'll just post another pic when it's done. I also finally got supplies for the new sock pattern:

I think the lighter beads will work out well with the Koigu. They aren't the really tiny seed beads. Instead I got a slightly bigger size. I also bought a size 10 crochet hook last night but that was too big so I got the size 12 you see here. (Oh yeah, somebody please hurt me if I ever decide to crochet something that actually calls for this size crochet hook!!! It's almost microscopic!!) It finally fits through the beads but I'm wondering how successful it will be to grab the yarn with it. I think I'm going to have to swatch this one. Yes I used the S word! I almost never do that but I figure this territory is too weird not to. I will of course keep you all posted on my progress.
Good news! I've been accepted to the Knitting Kitty webring! You can find it in the sidebar. Maybe it's time to teach Simba to knit... nah...she'd just play with the yarn all the time. And then there is that whole opposable thumb thing...bummer.