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Not so grand exit

Just thought I would post one more time before I retreat to the country for the holidays.
I haven't gotten much done in the last couple of days. Monday in CT was a weather nightmare. I was literally 2 degrees at one point and with the freezing rain under the snow we got, let's just say life wasn't fun. It's amazing how quickly one regains the "holy crap the sidewalks are slippery" waddle. I also felt as though my cleaning of my car would be good for Candid Camera or something. Except for the driver's door, all the other doors were frozen shut and, of course, the snow brush/ice scraper was all the way in the back! Let's just say an almost 6 foot tall frozen chick climbing over the front seats of a '96 Jimmy and over all the stuff in the back to get to said snow brush must have been quite amusing for someone. All this to say, I managed to strain my hands pretty badly throughout the whole process (mostly trying to pry the doors open) so I haven't done a whole lot of knitting or crocheting until last night.
After said cold snap, I decided that my fuzzy Red Heart Light n' Lofty hat from last year just wasn't gonna cut it this year so I decided to make one out of some Paton's Classic that I picked up last week. After a lot of trial and error, I decided to use this pattern from the knitty and this is what I have so far:

Not exactly impressive but it actually fits my big nogin and I did manage to kitchener it together at SnB last night. I'm hoping to finish this in the next couple of days considering from the looks of the forecast the cold stuff is on it's way back.
I'm also still plugging along at the beaded socks. I almost finished the heal flaps last night but just couldn't hold on to the little needles any more. The Dusty Miller has a bit of progress too, but not enough to make it worth taking a pic. All these projects, two HMB ghans, the scarf I decided to make out of the Mariah sleeves and probably another thing or two are all going home with me today. I should have lots to show by the time I get back to my DSL although I will try to do at least one update from home. Unfortunately, some computer time needs to be spent with Mr. Resume and Mr. Cover-Letter since my boss "gently" reminded me of my neglect of these two dear friends before I left work last night. I also still need a flight to Vancouver and a hotel reservation but I'm not even gonna go there right now.
By the way, I still need more votes on my last post! I know you are out there! I know you are reading!! I can see you (through my hit counter of course)!!! Please vote. I'm a Pisces and if you know anything about them you know we can't make up our minds for the life of us. Help a girl out ok!! :)
And finally, since I probably won't get back to this until after it's all done, to all you that celebrate it
Merry Christmas!!!
Safe and happy holiday wishes to all!