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Oh the weather outside is frightful...

... but that didn't stop me from going shopping! But first,

It's done!

There it is in all it's finished glory. I just finished the Wedding afghan a few minutes ago. I'm very happy that it is done. I really tend to hate patterns that have a lot of chaining in them and this was one of them. But I really like how it looked so I just had to deal and make it. Here's a detail view:

All those loops in between the diamonds are chain 5. Yuck. I'm glad it turned out pretty well but I doubt I'll ever make it again. Now to wash and wrap.

So as I said, although the weather is simply awful around here (it was 40 and pouring when I left work) I still managed to make my trip to the Fabric Place in celebration of my paper accomplishment. Here's what I got:

The needle already had the Fusion Scarf transfered to them. Ahh yes...much better.
The yarns are for my current addiction, more socks! The stuff at the top is Sockotta in color 14 (how original!). I saw a sample worked up at the store and just really like how this color blended. I have enough magic stripes to last me a while so I wanted something that had a bit of interest but wasn't going to stripe specifically.
The lavender stuff is called Silja in color (does "farge" mean color?! The whole label is in german...yet again in my life I need german) 393. I got the idea in my head yesterday that a pair of socks to go with the purple sweater I crocheted would be a fab idea. So there it is.
And the thing I'm most proud of? With my $5 off coupon I managed to get out of there for under $25! Not bad.
Now before I go to bed I just have to figure out what I'm going to take to work on at SnB tomorrow night. I'm a little worried about bringing the beaded socks (beads flying everywhere in coffee shop. yeah. bad idea.) but I think the scarf will be too boring. Dare I cast on for the Quick Cable Sweater? Or do I start the next felted bag? Guess you will have to wait until tomorrow to find out. :)
And for those of you wondering what Simba has been up to lately, here she is with her new favorite toy:

No not the little blue kitty, the bag! And see the little pieces around it? This is her favorite thing to do with said toy:

What can I do? My cat is part termite. Is there therapy for this??