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Sock Progress

For one reason or another, the beading on the socks demanded to be finished last night. I guess I needed a break from huge yarn and huge needles. So I finally decided to take my holiday themed progress picture for the knitalong.

So yeah, my needles are bigger than my tree. But they make an interesting ornament don't you think?
Here's a slightly better pic of just the socks:

My reduction of five stitches seems to have worked out pretty well. By the end of the beading I was ready to be done with it though. My right thumb was too. I think they look pretty cool so far. Now I just have to knit 10 rows and start the rest of the sock. I really can't wait to wear them. I think they will be super cozy and kinda funky looking. And considering the way the temps are going around here I could use some wool socks and quick!
Now that this part of the socks are done it's back to the sweater which will be going to SnB tonight. Considering I only need three more inches on the first sleeve I'm starting to think I might have this sucker done by the end of the weekend. Of course that will only happen if I continue to ignore everything else I should be doing like writing Christmas cards and paying some bills and stuff. Yeah. I think I can do that.