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Super secret weekend

Some housekeeping stuff:
I made myself a button!! :) I finally took the plunge and downloaded some free image software last night and voila! I now feel much more official. :) Feel free to steal it from the side bar over there (and put it on your own server of course) if you are planning on linking to me. Anyone who can tell me what the piece of music is in the background will win my respect and admiration forever and ever!
Remember the cast on that I told you I was using for the sweater? Apparently it has a bit of an identity crisis. Sami says:
It is a cast on of many names: interweave calls it "backward loop" Zimmerman calls it "loop casting on" and June Hemmons Hiatt calls it "simple cast on" and lists it as a finger cast on technique.
Now I know why I couldn't remember what the heck it was called! Thanks for clearing that up!
I was lucky (maybe unlucky?) enough yesterday to not have to leave my apartment at all. I felt like I had an ear infection/head cold coming on so I just stayed home to try and avoid a severe outbreak. I'm sure those I would have come in contact with would have thanked me. So after doing a little cleaning and wrapping presents I got to do some serious knitting. I've now gotten to the point where I'm doing the beads on the socks.

That is four rows of the bead pattern on so far. We are supposed to post a progress picture to the group but I'm going to wait until all the beads are on. It is also supposed to be a "holiday themed" pic so I'm gonna try to hang them off my itty bitty tree or something. It took me about 2 or 3 hours to get just those four rows of beading done. I'm also doing a row of plain knit inbetween each bead row for a total of 8 rows. Strangely, it doesn't seem tedious at all. I'm not sure if that's because of the added brain power needed to do two at once or if the bead pattern is what keeps the brain working.

I've already bound off for the sleeves on the sweater.

So far the votes say that the cable on the back won't be a problem. I think I'm going to make this piece the front anyway just so people have more time to comment and I have more time to cogitate.
By the way, any of you crocheters out there ever experience "crochet burnout"? I'm seriously in this mood where I don't even want to look at a crochet hook except for the one that is getting the beads on the socks. Maybe that last afghan did me in. Here's hoping it's temporary since I still have an OPH ghan to do and a was given a special project just the other day AND I bought all the yarn for the Dusty Miller!

I think Simba could care less about all these issues:

Doesn't she look completely comfy and totally uninvolved? The thing that she will care about is that there is a super secret surprise in store for someone this weekend that kind of involves Simba. Well, not directly. However, I can not reveal what's in store since I'm not sure if the recipient reads this! Let's just say, I'll tell you all about it on Monday. :)