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Mariah Monday

Hartford 4 - Bridgeport 0

Hockey night was so fun! The civic center is easy to get to, we parked pretty close, got out of town fairly easily and look at the fun freebie we got:

I look like hell in hats so that's the best pic you are gonna get. I even managed to survive the fact that it was "scout night" and there were a billion little boys there who also apparently were sleeping over that night (I find this totally bizarre and commend the chaperones for their willingness to sacrifice all sanity). Although Bridgeport came on pretty strong in the 2nd period, the Hartford goalie wasn't letting anything by and managed to get the shutout in the end. It was so cool that if I get a real job and have the cash and stay within striking distance I may just get season tickets. I will by no means become a Rangers fan, but I think I can just be a Hartford fan. Of course if I ever get back to Buffalo they may run me out of town if they find out.

In knitting news, I've decided that in order to not make this blog mind-numbingly boring, we are just going to have "Mariah Mondays" and that will be the only days I share my progress on that project with you. Here are this week's pics:

That is the two sleeves (which I'm doing at the same time and am actually quite thankful that I decided to do it that way) and the left front. The front part has finally reached the mindless part, so it's a good thing for times that I don't want to pay attention too much.

You can really see the big cable coming to life on the sleeve now:

I've actually managed to train myself to do the cables on the sleeve without a cable needle and I'm really liking it. The only one that I haven't quite figured out without the aid of the cable needle is the one that involves 6 stitches where you slip three, knit two, put the purl stitch back on the left needle and purl it, then knit the last two. I get it, but I just can't do it without the cable needle just yet.

I've also started to increase at the sides. Someone else in the knitalong forgot to do this and had to reknit the sleeve already. This is one of those things that I normally do so I was very grateful that someone else did it first to remind me not too! Having the knitalong while working on the project is really a wonderful resource for many reasons.

My next post (hopefully tomorrow) will be all about the adventure I had today. Stay tuned!