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Mariah Monday

I had a real *what the F*#$* moment today. First, thank you thank you thank you to the angel that shoveled my steps for me! I couldn't believe it. It's a little path, but it was enough for me to get in and out without shoveling or killing myself. You would think that maintance would do it but they haven't before so I was totally shocked. Second, half my car was clean! I think that was the wind. Only thing that makes sense. Third, and this is where life really got weird, the roads were FINE! Now it's not that I think people don't do their jobs or something but I was expecting something crudy out there. Even New Haven was fine! The worst spot was the ramp in my parking garage. My shock is of course due to the fact that usually if we get say, four inches, you can't freeking drive or walk anywhere. But a foot and things are fine?! I guess they decided, "Oh well if it's REALLY gonna snow then I guess we'll get serious." Whatever! It's times like this I actually miss Buffalo only because they actually know how to get rid of this stuff.
Anyway, I know you all can't wait to see this so here it is:

Two Mariah sleeves with one pattern repeat done and the second one on the way. Sorry the pic is kind of dark but the flash totally kills all definition with this color. See the little breaks in the cable pattern toward the top? I had a little bit of a freek out when I realized what was happening. I couldn't tell from the pic in the knitty that this is actually correct. However, I was able to e-mail the knitalong list and be bailed out almost immediately. Yes I am doing it right. Whew! The only thing that is bothering me a bit is the rather large holes at the end of the cable in the middle. I know this is due to the fact that I can't seem to do the decreases and increases right, but at least I have something that works. I also got extra encouragement from seeing the pics that Carolyn posted on her blog (thanks again!).
So I am progressing. Slowly. I'm starting to think I need another project that is more geared toward instant gratification. I have a bunch of woolease and freezing hands so I'm thinking mittens or gloves. I'd love to do some thrummed mittens, but unless someone wants to trade a bunch of skeins of woolease (umm...anyone?!) for some wool, I don't think I have the cash for the roving at the moment. And I haven't looked at the socks I'm working on in a while. Maybe I should go back to them...
So anyone care to share some good glove or mitten patterns that are out there for free on the 'net?