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Mariah Monday

Yale 3 - Brown 5
Yale 3 - Harvard 5

Despite these scores I had a wonderful weekend. Earlier this month I had gotten tickets to the Brown game so Dad came out Friday afternoon and we got our hockey fix. During the game, an announcement was made that there were still standing room tickets for the Harvard game. I just about freeked. Dad didn't seem to interested in standing but I went to check it out anyway. However, the ticket booth was closed! Apparently they made the announcement just after they closed up for the night. Geniuses. One of the staff did tell me that if I showed up at 6pm tomorrow night they would be open and I might be able to get them then. Dad and I said "Why not?!" and ended up getting to the rink at 5:30 only to be greeted by a guy outside asking if we needed tickets. Now if you could have seen the sideways glance we both gave the guy you would have laughed. I'm thinking "Scalping at a Yale hockey game?!" and Dad was thinking pretty much the same with the addition of "Buddy. Who do you think you're trying to kid. We're from NEW YORK!". Long story short, our cynicism was for nothing. The poor guy's wife got sick so she couldn't go to the game and he had to be a "good boy" (his words) and not go too so he sold them to us at face value!! *Me doing the happy dance* So not only did I finally get to see a Yale Harvard game but we got SEATS! We were three rows up behind one goal. Not bad at all. Unfortunately the outcome was not so good, but Yale really did stick with them (they haven't been having a very good season). So Dad and I got our hockey fix...But I may start twitching from the withdrawal any time now. Damn the NHL for not getting this season straightened out.

In other news, between hockey games there was even an opportunity for yarn purchase without going off the self inflicted yarn diet. Eklectika e-mailed on Friday afternoon about going to the Fabric Place on Saturday afternoon. At first I wasn't going to go since my Dad was here but he told me to go! How cool is that?! Another New Haven SnBer joined us and off we went. I got my yarn for the next 6 sox pattern:

We need three colors so I'm going to use this and the leftover Koigu from the beaded socks. These will be very patriotic I guess. The new pattern comes out tomorrow and I can hardly wait. A hint was posted so I at least know that they will be three colors and toe up from the looks of things.

On the Mariah front, my sleeves have made it through another pattern repeat:

And I think I finally really figured out the decrease at the break between cables so it's not quite so full of holes this time (but you'll note that I didn't go back and fix the others. I'm not a picky knitter):

Thank god for the learning curve. This repeat went much faster. I still have to get a good measurement as to how long I really need to make these. I also finished one part of the front:

I went overlength by one inch on this but I figured I should take better measurements of myself before I frog it back. I'm rather tall so the extra length might not hurt. I plan on casting on for the other side in the next couple of days.

Unfortunately, I must now return to my dreaded schoolwork. Did I mention classes started last Monday? I have been blissfully trying to ignore this fact and can do so no longer. *Sigh*

In my next post you can expect my answers to the music questionnaire that's been going around now that Lauren has tagged me. I knew it had to happen sooner or later, but now I have to make sure I have respectable answers. Afterall, my professional standing could depend on it. ;)