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What I did during the blizzard

Nothing like a classic New England Blizzard to make your weekend...

Here's before:

And this is after:

Now mind you I have witnessed worse. I was in Buffalo a few years ago when they got 7 feet in a couple days. Yes that's correct, FEET, not inches. Believe me, that was interesting.

My favorite thing is probably this:

There were stairs there as noted in the pic. Tomorrow I will have to attempt to find them if I want to go to work. I'll be damned if I'm going out there today because a) I don't have to go to work today and b) the windchill is negative whatever.

So I did my civic duty and stayed inside Friday night, Saturday and will continue to do so today. Here's what I've been working on:

Dusty Miller was commanding some attention so I finished off the back on Friday and started working on the front Saturday. Here's a closeup:

I love how it's coming out but it is going quite slowly. There is just way too much single crochet in this pattern so it doesn't build up very fast. The yarn is also driving me a bit crazy. It's Lion Brand Woolease but for some reason this color seems to be splitting a lot more than other colors I've used before. That makes the front post triples a bit of a challenge.

By the way, thanks for all the comments on the last post. Nice to know that I'm not totally insane and others not only do it this way but have heard of it before! I think I wore myself out with that post though which is why I haven't done anything since. I've been working on Mariah too...but you'll have to wait until tomorrow for the update.

Stay warm!