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Why do we do this?

There was a great post on Zeneedle yesterday about why we do this knitting or crocheting thing and a lot of people posted some interesting comments. Nothing like a good thoughtful post to get the brain going (abject apologies for making anyone think on a Friday!). So, I thought I would use my thoughts as blog fodder for myself cause I'm selfish like that. :)

I think I personally do this because at the end I have something tangible that I can show for my effort. As most of your know, I'm a musician first and foremost (although it's getting pushed off more and more these days it seems). I have spent the majority of my life expending countless hours of effort trying to perfect something that can't be perfect and is completely ephemeral. When you think about it, it's no wonder so many musicians are seen as "weird" or go completely mad. Being a performing musician is something that is never "finished". There is always some phrase that could be better somehow whether better means cleaner, faster, slower, softer, louder or a million other things. And the worst part (or the best part depending on your perspective) is that no matter how good it is, someone will always have something to say. Someone will always love it, and someone will always hate it. That is just the way it is with this art.

I think that's why I love to knit and crochet so much. In the end, I have a finished product that I can hold in my hand and say "I did this and here it is". Sure, someone will always have something to say about some stitch could be better or whatever, but it does have an end. And I control that end. And I can see that end coming sometimes and that is why I become so impatient. After putting so much effort and emotion into something that has no end and has no perfection for so long it is nice to do something that can be completed and can last more than an instant. So I guess it's not about the process for me, it's about the accomplishment and the tangible nature of that accomplishment. Apparently I am a product knitter/crocheter. And then there is always the "my hands a freekin' freezing and I want mittens NOW" motivation too. :)
So why do you do this?