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Damn Groundhog

A few weird random things:

#1 Did you know that the female lead (whose name I can't remember) in the original War of the Worlds movie professes to teach library science at USC? Damn...I'm glad librarians and librarianship have come a long way.

#2 If you google Zarzuela I'm the last link at the bottom of the first page! How cool is that?!
In the comments on my last post Lauren wrote:

Now don't be silly, we learned plenty about you. Like how the hell does classical music put you to sleep?!? Was this a problem in your classes?

This made me laugh. Weird huh? Actually it is just a driving thing. I can sit in a concert hall or at home or wherever and listen for hours and be fine. In fact, I'm not one of those people who can turn something classical on to go to sleep at night because the academic side of my brain kicks in and starts analyzing the performance or the writing or something. But if I'm going down the road in a vehicle...good night Irene! It's like driving induced narcolepsy or something. Not a good thing when you're the driver! The only problem I had in my classes with staying awake was boring professors. Especially those that rip music to shreds by analyzing every last little thing about two measures. But I won't go there and really bore the non-musicians...

By the way, can I kick the groundhog?!? (Those of you who are southPark fans may understand the veiled reference to "Kick the baby") Pretty please?? Can I?! Can I?! Six more weeks of winter! Mr. Groundhog, I have two words for you...


*Sigh* I was hoping that would make me feel better, but it doesn't.

Sorry, no crafting content today. Just had to get that stuff out of my system. Hopefully there will be more to report soon.