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I will not be defeated

Apparently Simba didn't want me to blog tonight:

But too bad. I'm sharing the chair with her.

I can't believe I haven't updated this since Tuesday! Time flies when you are shopping your butt off in preparation for going away! Anyway, my fashion crisis was successfully averted. My friend Sami gave me a nice black cardi to borrow to cover up all that exposed skin with the black dress (Thank you!). Now that is going with me and I have a few other choices of alternate clothing. And there is a slight chance that I may be taking a job interview while away (yikes!) so having options is a good thing.

I did continue to work on the open fan cardi. I got one sleeve done, realized that it was strangling me, and frogged the whole thing. :( Then I looked over the pattern again and realized, ah yes, it does include gauge consideration and no, I wasn't working at the right gauge. While I don't think I crochet tightly, I always have to go up two hook sizes. Weird but true. The problem was, I was already using a Q hook and didn't have anything bigger. That was resolved by a chance trip to Joann's:

Huge ass crochet hook to the rescue! The blue one is the Q, the white is the newly acquired size S and the can of olives is to show you just how obscenely big these hooks really are. All I can say is thank god the pattern didn't call for an S hook or I would have been screwed (I don't think they make a size U do they?!). So at last I have a properly fitting open fan cardi:

(Gotta love that photography, not.) This is not exactly what I plan to wear this over, but you get the idea. You can almost see the crocheted buttons too. That was really the easiest part of the whole pattern. And it really was a quick crochet. But needless to say I didn't time it thanks to my frustration with the gauge. Here's another shot:

Equally crappy photography but you get the idea. I have a concert tomorrow night and I may wear it then.

I still haven't totally figured out what I'm taking with me to work on during traveling to and from Vancouver. I'm scared to death of taking Mariah and loosing part of it or the needles so I think that's gonna stay home. I'm thinking about starting a pair of gloves but I still fear loosing my precious addi turbos to some security person. The Dusty Miller may be the best thing since I only use a wood crochet hook with it and I'm only doing sleeves at this point so it's pretty small and plane friendly. However, knowing me, I will get bored without at least one other project to do so I have to figure something out.

And just to end this entry on a fun note, I found this intelligences quiz here. My results are...well...DUH!

You scored as Musical/Rhythmic. You are sensitive to sounds in your environment, enjoy music and prefer listening to music when you study or read. You learn best through melody and music. People like you include singers, conductors, composers, and others who appreciate the various elements of music.















The Rogers Indicator of Multiple Intelligences
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