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Big Reveal Part 2

[Due to continuing problems with blogger talking to hello and vice versa the pics for this post are in the links instead of the actual post. I have no idea what the problem is today, but you can bet I'm getting more annoyed by the min.!]
Lookie what I finished yesterday

Dusty Miller!!

I'm so happy to be done with this sweater. It was made with Lion Brand Woolease in Fisherman with the Dusty Miller pattern from this book. It seems to fit fairly well.

I did make a few changes. I ended up crocheting it together except for the sleeve seams. I just used a single crochet and the resulting ridge actually works with the pattern. I think it will be a much sturdier seam than if I had sewn it. I also did a little bit of fudging on the button band to make it work. The directions weren't real clear for that part.

What do you think about the buttons?

I originally wanted wood ones but couldn't find anything that was the right size and washable not to mention appealing to me. These seem to work fairly well. As far as sewing the buttons on, I totally made it up as I went along. I haven't got a clue how I'm "supposed" to put buttons on a sweater besides with needle and yarn/thread! Whatever I did, it seems to work and it can always been replaced later.
Now I just need to finish Mariah!