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Driving through a frozen hell

Today was like mother nature's cruel joke. Yesterday she dangled the proverbial carrot otherwise known as "spring" infront of our faces and today, winter was back in full force. And guess who had to drive through the worst of it? And now my father and I will be going out to rescue my mother who is currently cooking enough corned beef to feed a small army of people who probably won't show up thanks to the weather. Fab. Oh yeah, and I'm totally coming down with something and definitely don't have the time to get sick.

So I'm back to dial-up and don't have pictures to show at the moment. But Mariah is coming along nicely. Now that I've had some questions answered (thanks to all the knitalongers!) I'm ready to keep going with the sleeves. I'm really hoping to get to the yoke stage sometime soon.
In the meantime I'm on a mission to finish SOMETHING! I'm in total project overwhelm right now. That case of startitis last week certainly didn't help. I think I just have so much going on right now that being able to complete something, even if it only has to do with knitting or crocheting, would be such a relief. So I brought home all the pieces to Dusty and was even ambitious enough to bring home the buttons. I just spent the last couple of hours feverishly working on the last sleeve so I'm really hoping that I might be able to finish this sweater off in short order. I'd also really like to wear it before it's too warm (although the thought of it actual being too warm for anything right now seems like a total joke!).

So my life for the next couple of days involves driving 140 miles a day, blowing on a contrabassoon from 9am - 4pm and hopefully coming home to crochet and sleep. What could be better?