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Instant gratification *or* What I did this weekend

Before I forget again, I wanted to share a link to a great needle organizer. You can download either a word or pdf file and have a list of your needles with you when you go shopping! There are other organizers on that site too including one for your stash.

So I went home on Saturday to finally play with the second part of my birthday present (or is it now an Easter present?!)

My swift! Can I just say this thing is HUGE! I had no idea it was going to be so big. Kinda crazy. It works quite well though and I've already done two skeins of yarn on it. Must get more! I got it from KnitPicks and intend to get some of their yummy yarn to go with it shortly.

Another fun thing I did was this:

Sophie before

Sophie after

Talk about instant gratification! I finished knitting Sophie on Sunday afternoon, felted her in Mom's machine (thanks mom!) and she was dry in time to leave for CT today. She was made on size 11 Addis with Cascade 220 and blocked according to the pattern suggestions (i.e. cardboard and plastic bags). The finished knitted size was about 11 x 13 and the finished felting size is now 7 x 8 (pretty close to the pattern). Ain't she cute? I think I'm going to get some kind of button clasp for her to finish her off. Any suggestions of what's best to use?

I'm really in a finishing mood. The clapper is close (into the decreases) and Mariah is just waiting for her yoke to be done and collar figured out. Better get to work...