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Report from the land of dial-up

Can I just say I'm in agony? I'm at my parent's house in NY for the rest of the week because of a gig and this whole dial-up thing is enough to make me bald by the end of the week! But please don't blame the 'rents for the atrocity of connectivity. They don't even offer DSL in this area yet! Then again, this doesn't surprise me really. DSL service is probably controlled by the same people that think Albany is next to Canada (as one reporter from NYC so artfully put it in a newscast one time).

Anyway, due to the low bandwidth and lack of organization there will be no pics today. However, most things I'm going to tell you about you don't want to see anyway. Trust me. *Yawn*

The first sleeve of dusty is done. I finished it before I came back to NY the other night. Only one more to go, but the yarn situation is not good. Since my rehearsal got snowed out tonight the stop at A.C.Moore on the way home as been postponed until tomorrow. No biggie. I hope.

Mariah and I are talking again. It seems she was quite upset about my sudden abandonment for a trip to Vancouver. I tried to explain that my abandonment was out of my undying love but she wasn't buying it. Anyway, we seem to have patched things up and now the right front is almost done. I'm hoping to carve out some sleeve time tomorrow.

There seems to be a case of startitis going around the blog world and I've gotten it despite my bandwidth issues. Something about three lovely skeins of koigu, even if they haven't been wound yet is very hard to ignore. So I started the clapper today. I think I needed some instant gratification in my life and so far so good. My size 9 addis are a bit short but I'm making due. I had to go up a size to get gauge so the size 8's which are plenty long are sitting in their little envelope feeling quite unloved. I only wound one skein but that should keep my busy for a while (and mom made mention of a ball winder as a possible birthday present...YIPPEE!!). I also had to change the pattern a bit due to my weird ass knitting. All the ktbl are changed to ktfl for me since I always knit through the back loop. I actually had to write out where the twisting versus not twisted stitches ended up in relation to the stitch marker like this:

Twist Normal * Twist

I guess I was having a "visual learner" moment. I have several more rows before I get to start dropping stitches so I guess I will find out then if I figured it out right or now.

That's it for now. If blogger ever lets me into the site I will post this and have to be off to bed. Getting up at 6am to play the contrabassoon at 9am takes a lot out of me!