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Instead of writing that 5 page paper or going to bed at a decent hour last night I finished Tempting.

And here she is:

Black bar to protect the not so innocent (good god does this pic suck or what?! It's really hard to take pictures of yourself. Have I mentioned this?!).

I learned some good things with this:
1. Tubular cast-on.
2. Purling in the round (although I still hate it).
3. Yarn overs are really easy.
4. Cotton ease rocks.

But... I'm not all that happy. Don't get me wrong, I actually loved knitting this, I really like the fact that I got the neckline to work and there isn't any bra strap showage. Two things though:

1. I obviously missed bow tying 101 somewhere along the line 'cause I can't do it and have it look nice to save my ass.

2. I think the body is too long (and I don't think blocking is going to help...but maybe a wash and dry would?).

What's your vote? Frog it and shorten the body or leave it alone? HELP!!