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Look what the nice mail dude brought me today!

My first yarn from Knit Picks!

These little lovelies would be (from the top)
5 skeins Elegance in Cornflower for A Good Bias
1 skein Alpaca Cloud in Pepperment for Branching Out
1 skein Sock Landscape in Rocky Mountain Dusk for something I haven't thought of yet

The colors are a little different than I thought they would be except for the Pepperment. The sock stuff is a little darker and so is the Elegance. I gotta tell ya though...I can't stop petting the Alpaca Cloud! It's so amazingly soft!

Of course Murphy's law has proven itself again. I knew as soon as I ordered these they would finally release the summer yarns. Sure enough... they did. Got the e-mail this morning. Bah. Oh well. I'm happy with my newly acquired pretty stuff.

Enough blogging and spring cleaning! Time to get knitting!