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If the trees would stop trying to kill me I'd be fine...

Please allow me to continue to add my thoughts of misery to the rest of you who are dealing with spring allergies. I finally started taking drugs yesterday because my eyes were so watery I could hardly see. Blah.

Enough of that though. I really had a lovely weekend which ended with an impromptu tea party with Sami and R.B.! It was so nice. We sat out on the deck and sipped tea and ate munchies and just chatted and knitted (and they witnessed the fact that my apartment was indeed sparkling clean after all my work on Saturday afternoon. One must have witnesses to these things afterall). The weather has been so beautiful around here the last few days and it's supposed to last a few more. That makes it rather difficult to think about going to work or writing papers, but at least I had a good weekend to get me rested for that stuff. Thanks for coming over guys! It was fun!

I mostly worked on Tempting this weekend. For the sleeves I was totally rockin' the tubular cast-on:

I wanted to do them two at a time with the magic loop. The thing I shouldn't have done was try to start them at 11pm after a crazy gig (crazy in that a 45 min. drive took two hours and I ran on stage as they were starting to tune! Not good!). Eventually I got the cast on rearranged and was good to go. The sleeves are only a few inches long before joining them to the body so they went real fast. By the time Sami and R.B. came over I was ready to join them to the body which now (after some yoke rows) looks like this:

This is such a funny looking thing without a body in it! Anyway, if you are going to do this one, a word of caution: Make sure your ribbing pattern lines up when you join the sleeves! I didn't notice that one of the sleeves wasn't matching up until the second round and then I had to tink it. Blah. I hate that. But I knew it would make me crazy otherwise so I fixed it.

Also, if you want to join a knitalog for this you should check out the Curvaceous Tempting Knitalong (thanks for the link A.!). They are even compiling the pattern modifications that people are planning on doing. I think this is good considering I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with the neckline just yet. I don't want it as off the shoulder as it was intended to be, so I think I'm just going to keep knitting a bit longer than called for. I'll have to see how it looks when the yoke is done.

After this I'm really hoping to finish up Mariah and the super secret project...but now that I have my yarn I really want to start A Good Bias! I guess the good thing is that I need the same needles for that as I do for Tempting so I have to finish that first. Maybe that would be the way to keep from starting so many things...only have one needle and make everything on the same one. Nah...I'd probably start knitting with chop sticks or a screwdriver or something....