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Mariah Monday plus

Even though I had to work this weekend and didn't get much sleep for part of it, I had a great weekend! I stayed up way too late on Friday at L.H.'s birthday party (which was tons of fun). You've gotta love a party that involves knitting and wine. However, going home at midnight and getting up at 6am to go blow on a contrabassoon is not recommended. But Saturday was spent eating, knitting and shopping my cares away with Sami. Between two different places, here's what I got:

At the top are three skeins of Noro Kuryon, two of which were purchased to go with the one in the middle that I already had. I think they may become this bag but with different handles. The other four skeins are more Cascade 220 that may become a striped version of this bag when the pattern comes out. I see a serious need for a top loading washer in my future.

The other thing I must announce to the world is that my graduation portfolio was completed on Saturday and approved within a few hours!! I just need to burn the files to a CD and turn them in to the department before the 30th of this month. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. I also cannot tell you how happy it makes me to say that I have exactly 19 days of classes left in my academic career!! I really need to get one of those cool little countdown thingies for the blog. Anyway, expect a lot of "only ____ days left!" announcements in the coming couple of weeks.

I thought it might be a good day to let you know what the current state of Mariah is. Here's a pic:

The current state is that the neck is WAY too wide. I finished the raglan decreases and thought I would just keep going in order to close up the neck a bit, but now it's getting too long from the armpit and the neck is still too wide. The plan is to insert a lifeline, rip back to a row after the arm cables ended (cause lord knows there is no way in heck I'm going to rip back and do those again!) and try decreasing three stitches instead of two and adding a couple of decreases to the back. That should bring it together more quickly and if it looks real funny, I'm planning a fold over collar anyway so it should be covered. Of course on top of school and work this week I have two rehearsals and a concert so there may not be much done on this. I also really need to get that super secret project done too so that may have to take more of my attention.

Speaking of stuff to do, I'd better get to it!