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More good stuff....

You're willing to tell the world all about it -- about the delightful week you're having, that is. Yes, you're usually the most private of creatures, but at the moment, you're so happy you just can't stop talking about it.

That was my horoscope for yesterday...very wierdly true.

And the fun keeps coming in my first week of celebrating...

Today I got to go to a Master's tea at Yale in Trumbull Saybrook College. And who was the guest? None other than Debbie Stoller - author of "Stitch n' Bitch" and "Stitch n' Bitch Nation" not to mention founder and editor of Bust magazine! It was a very cool event. She talked about how she got into knitting and why she decided to do the books. She also talked a bit about Bust and why she decided to do that. Not to mention her time at Yale (she has a Ph.D. if you didn't know) and her research. During her talk the master's cat decided he needed to be with the center of attention and got comfy in her lap. It was hilarious! And his purr was the loudest, weirdest thing I have ever heard. Kind of made me wish I had recording equipment with me because you would not believe that sound unless you were there!

Afterward Debbie did some book signing and was gracious enough to pose for a couple of pictures with some of us:

That's me and Sami with Debbie and holding our newly signed books. (Incidentally, yes I am wearing Tempting. I decided it was finally warm enough for a public debut. She was well recieved and I think she may live her life unaltered. The length didn't really bother me and others seemed to think it was fine too.)

See! She was even nice enough to sign my copy of SnB Nation next to my picture (yes I'm in the book...with horrible hair I might add since I had just come from yoga class that particular night).

It was definitely a cool way to spend a Thursday afternoon. And after that I went to our usual Thursday night SnB in North Haven! The fun just doesn't stop around here lately!

Tomorrow I have a gig in Mahopac, NY (which may not be so fun. I got the call Tuesday, the gig is tomorrow and I don't know most of what we're playing. Not to mention there is rehearsal from 3:30-6:30 and the concert is at 8pm and they aren't providing dinner! WTF?! "You may want to bring dinner." Um..yeah...I think I'd better unless you want the second bassoonist to pass out from low blood sugar before the concert starts!) and Saturday is the CT Sheep and Wool Festival. A bunch of fellow SnBers are going and some are even going out with me for drinks afterward to celebrate my freedom from academia (as a student anyway)!

I'd definitely say my first week of freedom is going quite well. :)