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Reading for pleasure?!

Thank you so much to everyone for the nice congratulatory remarks about my impending graduation (and the cotton ease! LOL). While things are basically out of my hands now, I'm still kind of holding my breath until I see my degree posted to our online system. And you better believe you will all be notified in big bold letters when that happens!

My plan to celebrate is going pretty well so far. Sunday I got in knitting and Starbucks with Sami before we went to a Passover celebration. It was like Thanksgiving in April! So much yummy food and very nice company. And thanks to Sami I got me one of these:

Which I've already started reading* and I'm totally loving.

Yesterday I went to work in the afternoon (which doesn't sound like a celebratory thing to do I know. But as crummy as the weather was yesterday I didn't see much point in not going. In fact, I had considered taking this whole week off, but why do that when it's going to be rainy and cold off and on? I'll wait for nicer weather.) and finally, after many months, went back to yoga class in the evening. It's amazing how happy that made me. It was so nice to be back there doing a good thing for myself with a great teacher. It made me so happy that I even did a little on my own this morning when I got up. Note to self: Don't ever stop doing yoga for four months again!

In knitting news, the AGB is coming along nicely:

(just trying to do something a little more creative with the in progress photo)

I'm almost done with the first sleeve. The only thing I'm a little worried about is the length. I really need to measure myself from the center of my back down my arm and figure out just how long 26 inches really is. I fear my wingspan may necessitate a bit o' lengthening.

I'm also determined to finish Mariah in the next couple of weeks. I may need a bit of assistance with the zipper though...

And now that I have all this copious free time on my hands, I'm planning on visiting the public library to locate some pleasure reading (or listening...audio books are cool in that you can knit/crochet/eat/drive/whatever while you "read a book" and are definitely my idea of multitasking) if I only knew what the heck I wanted to read! Any suggestions of something good to read for the academically tired mind of a 20-something year old semi-feminist knitter/crocheter who lives and votes in a blue state would be most welcome!

* A little aside. There's been a bit of talking in blogland about how the bookbookbook "insults" crochet on page 45. Now that I've read it I can say this: Puleeze!!! If you read her blog you know her sense of humor. I really doubt this was a pointed comment. If anything, it was meant to ruffle a few feathers. Why must people take themselves so seriously?!