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Stranded on an island

Well, not quite but almost. I came back to NY last night to give my Dad his birthday card and have cake last night. If you don't live in the Northeast you might not know that we've been having a bit of rain. Yeah, a bit... as in Noah get the ark. I was planning on being back in CT tonight but plans have changed a bit. My parents live across the street from a gravel pit and we noticed people working over there last night. This morning, one of the owners came over to let us know what was going on (they aren't supposed to work on Sunday according to local law). Well, apparently our county is in a state of emergency. Several bridges are gone and basically every road out of here is flooded over. There is a hot dog truck stuck under one of the local bridges, quite a ways away from where it was supposed to be. One area has a truck and trailer stuck and only a few inches of the roof is showing. The only way I could get out of here would be to take a bunch of back roads I don't really know any more and even that isn't a guarantee. Guess who's staying put?

The major tragedy of this all is that I have all this time and not enough yarn! I brought Mariah with me and finally finished the arm cables last night. I'm still yoking along and might even be able to finish today but I'm working on the last ball I brought with me!! And I didn't bring any of my other projects with me because I didn't think I'd have time to do anything with them!! :'(

All is not lost however. When I run out of yarn, I'll just have to start making squares for HMB. :)

Oh yeah, and I finished the clapper Friday night! :) I washed it and blocked it here last night. As per Eklectica's suggestions I put it in a washbasin with warm water and a little shampoo, sloshed it around, and rinsed it really well. Then I took a bunch of towels and squeezed as much water out as I could. I put a big towel down on our dining room table and laid it over that. I didn't even need pins because it was so big it hung off the edges. It dried pretty quickly and feels nice and soft now. Needless to say, no pic yet since the camera is in CT.

Well I guess I'll go back to working on Mariah now. If nothing else I suppose I can sew up some of the seams when I run out of yarn to knit with since I left extra yarn tied up at the joinings. Hopefully I'll make it back to CT tomorrow to give you all an update. Ciao for now!