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Super Secret Project - Revealed!

Tonight was the big gifting of the super secret project so I can finally tell you all what it was. It was a "baby blanket" made for J. and S. who are expecting their first child next week! Only this is not just any baby blanket. It is the "mother of all baby blankets"!

It was made by 13 members of Stitch 'n Bitch New Haven. Each person made two squares for the blanket, either knitted or crocheted in the pattern of their choosing. Each square was 12 inches and made with Caron yarn that we all chipped in to buy. It was then up to me to assemble the squares. People who worked on the project include Sami, Eklectika and Lauren who have blogs and T.M., K.U., A.F., B.K., L.B., L.H., S., D.W. and A.N.

It was very cool to see this all come together. It took us all about 3 months just to settle on a color scheme! Then we finally bought the yarn and went to work distributing it in secret (no easy task since we used to meet in rather small places) making sure everyone had half a skein to do what they needed to do. Then it was the rush to turn in squares to me by the February deadline. Just about everyone made it, and some of the ways they got me the squares were quite creative. Many were handed under tables and behind backs when J. wasn't looking! We really never thought we'd pull it off and keep it a secret, but we did!

Needless to say, if you've been reading this blog for a while you know that I've been a bit busy since February. But after finishing school on Friday I was finally able to put it together this Saturday. Sunday Sami and I got together and bought the necessary wrapping and card and Sami wrapped it all up. In the last couple of days I made up a chart so she would know who made each square and included that in the card. Sami was even nice enough to make a little icord teddy bear for a gift tag.

Ok, ok, Pictures already! I can hear you loud and clear! So here they are:

Here's J. with the gift bag and the card

Notice the cute little teddy bear on the bag (Sami said she'll post the pattern link to her blog when she gets a chance.)

And here is J. with her husband S. holding it up for all to see. Unfortunately you can't see the whole thing here. There is a whole row of red at the top and purple at the bottom that I was too close to get in the pic. And of course I'm a dingbat blogger and forgot to take good pics of the squares before Sami wrapped it all up!

Anyway, thanks to K.U. we got in touch with S. this week to make sure J. made it to tonight's meeting! Afterall, she's due next week so we wanted to make sure she got the blanket in time!

All in all they seemed very happy and surprised and that makes me very happy too. Great job everyone! And good luck to J. and S. with your new family!