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Tempting progress and fate

Spring in CT is definitely here and my head is telling me all about it. All I've been able to do after work the last two days has been go home, eat and knit or crochet. Sounds terrible I know but the sinus headaches I could do without.

Here's part of what I've been working on:

Exciting, no?! That's tempting in all her k2 p2 glory. A bit boring but just fine with my right now. Of course last night I was looking at the directions again and realized that I don't have another size 8 addi to use for the sleeves when I get to them (I don't do/own dpns either). I think I'm going to have to get creative with stitch holders for this. I'm thinking two straights with rubber bands as point protectors (since I don't own enough of those either). That should work right?!

I also did some work on the super secret project. Not nearly enough, but some. I'm hoping to be on to phase 2 of that by the end of the weekend (between interludes of major spring cleaning!).

Getting up at 6am is just not a good thing for me. I'm doing a gig that's about an hour drive away and starts at 9am this week. Well, that was the schedule for today and tomorrow at least. Friday I don't have to be there until 6:30 PM. And I wonder why I'm tired.

I've also been spending way too much time at the computer lately. In the last two weeks I have created a website AND just finished creating a streaming slideshow for school. Oye. Enough is enough already! One project left at least and then I'm finally done. Just a 5 page paper on webquests...that shouldn't be too hard right?

I'm debating if I should go to SnB tonight or just go tomorrow and work on the super secret project tonight. I can't take it to SnB with me which is what causes the problem. Decisions decisions...

And if I'm not already insane enough I just put myself on the list for an audition in mid-June. At least tentatively, in my mind. I had a job interview in February that I still haven't heard back from and a couple of applications out that I haven't heard from about interviews yet. If I don't get the one job and/or don't get interviews until next month then I'll start working on the audition. I'm just glad that I have options. There are a lot of people in my position that don't. Then again there are a lot of people that don't have to put their lives on hold like I seem to be doing of late. I'm planning a bit of a remedy for that though.

Must go back to yoga class as soon as last project is done. Period.

I feel like crap lately and I know this is part of the reason. I also need to start spending more money on food and less *ahem* on yarn. What a life eh?

Well enough random rambling for today. I leave you with this which I ask you to file under "Who knew?!"

You are plastic.
Futuristic, milky, and silky, you are willing to go
where no crafter has gone before. You can do
just about anything, with strength agility, and
pretty colors to boot! While you are good at
slipping and sliding out of sticky situations,
remember to stay where and when you are needed.
Don't overdo it on star gazing when there's
earthbound knitting to be done!

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