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Off to bassoon camp!!!

[I had a perfectly lovely post for you all but being that I'm at my parent's house in NY and the dial-up is driving me mad it will have to wait until I return from vacation. In the meantime...]

Many thanks to all who offered their sympathies and possible solutions to the shrug destruction. There will be no modeled shots or creative blocking. It was that bad. I can barely fit my hand in the sleeve now. Sad, very sad.

The same morning I got word that I didn't get a job I had interviewed for in February.

That was much easier to take than the accidental felting.

None of that matters now though. I have survived jury duty and a horrible gig and I leave in mere min. for bassoon camp! On my way back there will also be a slight detour to meet up with some of my family to take my 85 year old grandpa to the World War II memorial in Washington, D.C.

See you on June 6th!!