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Week from Hell

Apologies for my extended absence but I've been having a bit of a rough week or so. In order to keep my sanity I have engaged in ice cream therapy, salon therapy, knitting therapy and drinking therapy. All is better now and my major focus this weekend will be preparing for an interview next month (if my poor tired brain doesn't short circut at the mere thought of doing work).

That's all I have to say about that.

While I've been tearing my hair out, Simba's been doing this:

Yes. That is a tail-less mouse. I came home one day last week to find this greeting me at the door. I can only thank my lucky stars that she is an indoor kitty for obvious reasons.

Gratuitous cat shot for no apparent reason

As I said above, there has been some knitting in between fits of insanity. At SnB #1 this week I started this:

It's a booga bag in Noro Kuryon color 40 and a pretty mindless knit which is exactly what I needed to calm my frazzled nerves. I just started the third skein of yarn and I'm hoping to have the knitting finished off before I go back to NY next week.

Oh yes, did I mention I got called for jury duty for the second time in as many months? I'm not a happy camper. So I have to be back in NY on Thursday. Fun.

Between now and Thursday morning when I leave with drugged kitty in tow (she doesn't travel well) I also have to pack for Bassoon Camp! (You have looked at the links in my "Favorite Things" section right?!?) This is the thing that is keeping me going right now. I totally can't wait to leave next Sunday. This will be my 7th year in a row and I can't wait to see my old friends and meet new ones, not to mention actually have some time to practice.

And please, don't ask me if it's like band camp. I've heard that one already.

But I digress...

I've also managed to make some progress on some long languishing projects. I turned the heels on my toe up socks yesterday afternoon:

I'm using the instructions in Crazy Toes and Heels to do these and they are fitting really well so far. The cuffs will pretty much be just more mindless knitting (I had considered doing a fully ribbed cuff but that would mean purling in the round again and I don't think I can force myself to do that on such tiny needles right now) which is probably all I can handle right now.

And I have finished another project (well, almost. It will be done tomorrow I hope) but that will have to wait until Monday...

Now I have to figure out what projects to take to bassoon camp. I think there might be a bunny yarn scarf in my future... or should I start Tank Girl with purple cotton ease... or there's always another felted bag to make...

So many choices... so little brain power...