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I'm baaaaaaaaaack!

I have returned. Yes it's true. I just have to keep telling myself that. I had a wonderful time at Bassoon Camp and the trip to D.C. with the fam was great too (although a bit soggy). My transition back to reality has been anything but great. I was able to ignore my cares for two weeks and they seem to have blown up and slapped me around since I arrived back in CT last night. Such is life I suppose.

Shockingly, very little knitting was done while I was gone. I made progress on the diagonal scarf and socks but haven't taken pics yet to show you.

What I do have is old stuff that wouldn't post before I left. I did some felting before I left for camp (on purpose this time). My booga bag is done and was the happy carrier of what little I did while I was gone.

Here it is before felting:

And during blocking:

An attempt was made to put rivets in where the handles would go but that proved to be more than me and my Dad could figure out before I left. A proper finished picture will be supplied soon.

And that is where I'm at this moment. I have about ten billion feeds to catch up on in my bloglines and I haven't put much baggage away so I best be off to do that. Here's one vacation photo for you in the meantime:

View from the top of Mt. Mitchell