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WWKIP Day and Remote Blogging

Yesterday was World Wide Knitting in Public Day and SnB New Haven certainly wasn't going to miss that! Only four of us turned up but it was still a nice couple of hours. A cool breeze came in from L.I. Sound and made it a comfortable outing. I worked on my Reincarnation of "A Good Bias" while Sami worked on her Morehouse Cardi, K.U. worked on some granny squares and A.J. was working on a tape yarn cardi. When it started to sprinkle a bit we had to move from our nice corner near the art gallery to a nearby archway where I got this pic:

We even had a few passers-by talk to us a bit and some Japanese tourists took our picture! All in all a good day.

Afterward there was food with chopsticks with Sami, ice cream with Sami, R.B. and her brother and his roommate and a little hanging out at the New Haven Arts and Ideas Festival. Definitely a good way to be distracted from an impending trip.

Speaking of trips, I'm currently blogging from Maryland and taking advantage of free high speed Internet to get this post up. I had a lovely train ride where I basically slept or was working on AGB. I'm hoping to have at least the first sleeve done by the time I arrive back in New Haven on Tuesday.

And just because I already miss her, here's a spontaneous Simba pic for your enjoyment:

That's my girl. Always clowning around!

See you back in CT....