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Whew! I made it!

The wedding afghan that will be a present this Sunday is finished as of 6:00pm today. As you can see, I went with 7 strips instead of 8. Doesn't seem to make a huge difference to the width. It's big enough to cover me twice so I figure it should work. Afterall, newlyweds are supposed to want to sit next to each other still, right?! ;)

Besides doing one less strip I also crocheted it together instead of whipstitching because I think it is faster and makes a better joining. Here's a closeup:

Now all I have to do is get it washed, wrapped and find shoes to go with the suit I'm supposed to wear (the shoes will probably be the most difficult part).

And in other news, Simba and I have a new place to live! We'll be moving here on Aug. 6th. With the exception of built in AC units, it is basically the same as I have now but heat and hot water are included for an extra $100 more than I'm paying now. Not a bad deal. Now I just have to pack, buy a couple of AC units and get all my utilities set up, etc. etc. Packing is my least favorite thing in the world (I usually pack for a trip the morning I'm leaving...yes, I'm one of *those*) but I really want to get this move done and over with so I can concentrate on the job hunt (which has basically been stalled since the computer crash). And if I want to go to Boston on Aug. 2nd for the day, I'd better be a good girl and get to it next week!

Speaking of getting to it, it's SnB time! I'm outta here....

[By the way, I'm very dissapointed that no one got the movie quote from last post. It was in the title and was from "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". C'mon people! Where the heck have you been for the last 20 years?!? ;) ]