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Mile a minute my a**!!

Obviously I have a problem with the concept of posting more than two days in a row. Sorry for the delay but now that a trip to New Hampshire for a wedding on a Thursday (of all days) is in the books I think I can finally handle updating the blog.

Thanks for all the nice comments on my tank girl. I wore it again the other day and I'm still quite happy with it. Sometime I might make another in a different color. It might be nice for under a blazer for work or something. You know, when I have a full time job someday.

But there is no time in my world to reminisce about past projects. I have a serious deadline coming up. One week from today a friend from grad school number 1 is getting married on Long Island. Naturally, I decided to make an afghan as a wedding present for several reasons:

1. She and her future hubby are wonderful people who would appreciate a hand made gift.

2. I'm broke.

3. I tend to think that gifts from department store gift registries are not significantly meaningful enough when you actually know and care about the people in question.

4. I'm a starving recent graduate that is in the midst of a job search and an apartment change.

5. Did I mention I'm broke?!

So I've had this book:

laying around for quite some time and thought this would be a good opportunity to make something from it. Besides, mile a minute was right up my alley considering I don't seem to have a ton of time these days and I only started this thing about a month before the wedding.

So I chose this pattern:

I didn't really care for the original colors and I was told the wedding party is wearing some kind of light blue color so I thought these colors would work:

Here's a close-up:

Notice that there are five strips. Notice I need 8. Notice I have been at this off and on for about a month. Notice that the wedding is in a week.

Notice that I am not a happy camper.

So in between looking for a new apartment this week, this is what I will be working on. Will I finish in time? Will I be up until all hours on Saturday evening trying to get the thing washed and wrapped before I have to leave for the 3pm wedding on Sunday?

Start placing your bets....