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Plodding along...

Even though I've been doing a lot of this:

[Thanks to Sami's help!] I've still managed to do a bit of this:

As you saw in a previous post, this is my second pair of toe-up socks. I'm still using Queen Kahuna's instructions, but this time I'm hoping to finish them a little more quickly so I can fairly say whether or not I like using this method. SO far so good. I've finished the toe increases and I'm on the rather boring knit knit knit part. But considering all the other chaos going on in my life right now (where did we pack the _*fill in the blank*_?!) a little boring is a good thing.

I'm totally loving the yarn I'm using this time! It's Knitpicks Sock Landscape in "Rocky Mountain Dusk". This has to be the softest sock yarn I've used yet. Which leaves me a little concerned... how well does this yarn wear? Am I going to have holes after three wearings? Anyone actually knit socks with this yet and given them a spin?

I also have one other tiny problem:

I must have accidentally done a yarn over in there somewhere. Normally I would go back and fix it, but when doing two socks on one circ I find it a bit difficult to get everything off and back on and going in the right direction again. Any suggestions for fixing this after I'm done with the knitting?

And now I must continue to bang my head against a box... er... I mean... I need to keep packing!