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Time warp

So during the time warp known as the weeks that I was without a computer I started three new projects, and started and finished one which I will share with you today.

On the day I took my computer back to NY to be fixed (which as you all know didn't exactly happen) I wandered into a little out of the way craft store that had a variety of things. I noticed they had quite a few Lion Brand yarns and sure enough, I hit the motherload:

I left with over $70 worth of cotton ease! They had colors I had never seen before! I had heard tales that there was white in this yarn, but had never witnessed it with my own eyes. But there it is, two skeins in all their glory along with an assortment of other colors. I didn't actually buy everything they had, but I definitely bought most of it. My thought was not to use all of it myself, but to trade for skeins of colors I'd like or sell at cost for someone who needs a skein (feel free to e-mail me if you like to do either). Considering the stuff has been discontinued, might as well snatch it up while we can right?

Three skeins are missing from the pic above however. I decided to make "Tank Girl" from the first Stitch n' Bitch book in the Ice Blue color. Here it is before the side seams were sewn:

Now here's something I don't understand. This took just over two skeins for me to make. I did the medium size and got gauge using the recommended needles with this yarn. Now here comes the weird part. The first whole skein only got me up to a couple of inches short of the point where the arm hole shaping starts. The second whole skein, which I started at the beginning of the front, just about finished the whole front! Is the yardage on these things that far off? My gauge didn't really seem to change from one piece to the next and they matched up well in the end. I just find that really strange. Any thoughts?

Anyway, here is the finished product:

That's me on a beach in Maine last week. Those of you that know me know that me being on a beach in Maine is no small accomplishment. I even got within a couple of feet of the water at one point before total panic set in. And those of you that know me will also know that the fact that I had someone else taking the picture was no small accomplishment either. ;-)

Tomorrow: What I'm working on now