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Blocking bunny

Thank you to everyone who left sock fixing suggestions. I think I'm going to go with the "use the spare yarn to finish the other heel" and then try and find something to go with it to finish it off suggestion. It might be a rather interesting pair of socks when they finally finish, but I think I'm going to step away for a while before I give that a whirl.

In the meantime...

Thanks to Stephanie's great blocking post I decided to get brave and give it a try on the bunny scarf. I've only really ever tried to block something once. That something was my first clapotis and basically all I did was wash it and lay it out to dry on a table. Not very ambitious but it seemed to be enough. With the bunny scarf, I was hoping that the blocking would bring out the pattern of the feather and fan a little bit more.

I wanted to do straight edges so I used some Mariah leftovers as my smooth thread. I threaded through the long side of the scarf so that it looked like this:

Then it was off to the bathroom sink for a soak in warm water and a touch of Eucalan:

(Notice the lack of "stuff" on the sink. ;)) I let it soak about 20 min., rinsed it a bit and squished it in a towel or two to get the water out as much as possible. Since Stephanie used the bed (and who am I to argue with a published author [not to mention my carpet in the new apartment is still coughing up hairballs]) it was over to the bed to be pinned.

I found it a little difficult to get the long sides stretched properly but eventually got the hang of it. I also decided to pin the short ends a bit to make sure they were as straight as possible.

Then it was on with the fan, close the door to keep you know-who-out (one of the things I really love about the new apartment... the ability to keep a certain kitty nose out of places it really doesn't belong without worrying about an "accident"):

When I came home that evening it was dry and ready for the modeled shot:

(One thing I miss about the old apartment... the big mirror for blog pics!)

Not bad if I do say so myself. I think I will definitely use this method again when I need it.

Thanks Stephanie!!