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Catching up...

Whether I realize it or not, this has been a whirlwind summer. While I've had a great time, I'm glad things will be winding down soon. Hopefully my blogging will be a little less sporadic from here on out. So now that the laundry is done, there is food in my fridge, there are things covering up the naked walls, fresh bread made and I've managed to get a little extra sleep, how about a recap of some recent fun activities?

First, Aug. 9th I went to Boston with, what shall we call him... how about "He who juggles fire" 'cause, well, he does! Let's just call him HWJF for short. It was incredibly hot and humid that day but we had such a great time. Here I am waiting for the train into the city:

We parked outside and took the train in and I'm glad we did. All the roads in Boston seem to go every which way and I can't imagine what driving would have been like! By the time we made it into town, the first order of business was lunch and where better than Quincy Market:

My Gyro was delish! :) Then it was off to the Aquarium for a while. It was very cool (both literally and figuratively) and I think I liked the huge sea turtle in the main tank the best (her name was Myrtle!) although the penguins were a close second. After the aquarium it was off to criss-cross the city a number of times seeing everything we possibly could. Including Fenway, B.C., an ice cream shop, Cambridge and lord only knows what else. If I didn't see it, it was only because I was too tired to look. We did EVERYTHING!

While we were in "enemy territory" I also had to get my digs in.

The original plan was to sit on some sign that said something about "That other school that starts with an H" but this was the best we could find.

In the evening we ended up in the North end and saw the Old North Church and had a lovely dinner in a little Italian place (although what the heck is up with only taking cash or American Express?!?). It was a great day and we were both completely exhausted, especially considering we had 2 and 3 hour drives home! I'd love to go back again sometime, but I think I'll pick one or two things to see in a day instead of EVERYTHING.

Last weekend after having lived in my new apartment about four days it was off to visit HWJF again, this time in Maine by way of 100 degree crazy humid Long Island. I got to Maine around 7:30pm on Saturday after the 6 hour drive and was very happy to be greeted by cool, pleasant weather. The highlight of the trip was HWJF's day off where we hiked up Bald Mountain (and considered spending the night... haha) with some of the other camp counselors. Here's one shot of the view on the way up:

It was a pretty tough hour long climb, but the view from the top was totally worth it (although I don't know how we managed to not end up with any pictures of it!). After that it was off to HWJF's parents house for the most amazing Lobster dinner I think I've ever had in my life. I think I would climb a mountain again just for that!

Tired but happy, I left for CT on Wednesday morning thinking I could make it to work for a couple of hours. However, that's not possible when you have what one friend recently told me is called an "idiot's breakdown". Yep. Ran out of gas on I-95 somewhere in New Hampshire on the way home. While I was upset when I realized what was happening, I really began to freek when I couldn't get through to AAA. Luckily my mother was home and sent them out after me. It's pretty damn scary being on the side of a major highway with cars flying by and shaking your car like crazy even when you drive an SUV! But as you can tell, I ended up getting home safely, although I missed work, and all is well with the world. And HWJF comes back to CT this week which will definitely make me happy.

While I was in Maine, I had time to cast on for this:

It's another Clapotis, this time made with 100% alpaca that I bought at the CT sheep and wool festival earlier this year. This stuff is so incredibly soft that I actually thought for a while that I wasn't going to be able to keep it on Addis because it was just so slippery. I seem to be getting used to it now though and things are moving along. I did have to rip it back a bit last night but that let me get my stitch markers properly aligned so that's ok (thanks again Eklectika!).

I've had a really nice day today of mostly hanging around the apartment and doing things like hanging pictures and making bread, but now it's time to start thinking about the new work week. And the next trip. I leave for Pittsburgh, PA in about a week and a half to be the maid of honor at a friend's wedding. If you know any fun bachlorette party games, please post them in the comments or send me an e-mail. I haven't got a clue and the clock's ticking!!