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Home Sweet Home...


I'm back and I am officially relocated. The move went well thanks to the help of Sami, R.B. and G.B. and my parents. Friday was really hot and muggy but we managed to fill my dad's pickup truck with boxes, fill the Uhaul and unload the pickup all that day. Saturday we had everything out of the old apartment and into the new one by 1:30pm! It was amazing. The Uhaul was unloaded in an hour and it had all the big things like the couch and my bed in it. Thanks again to everyone for the help!

Sunday was spent putting things together and making an IKEA run. I'll show you more of those goodies in the future. As you can see in the pics above, there are still some seriously naked walls, but I don't see much point in trying to put up pictures when you don't know where all the furniture is going to go just yet. The livingroom is pretty much settled which is why it's the only thing I'm showing you at this point. I'm still not totally happy with the seating arrangement, but that can be fixed later. For now I'm just happy to be able to sit and watch my new digital cable. :)

There are always great things and not so great things with any new place. With my new apartment came new carpeting (they were putting it in when I got my keys last Friday!). This is a good thing since god only knows what was in the old carpet, but it's also a bad thing for my vacuum thanks to what I like to call the "fuzz factor". New carpet such as this constantly coughs up fuzzballs for the next couple of months. Last night when vacuuming for the first time, this carpet clogged my vacuum about a billion times. The rug attachment starts to make a sound that I can only imagine is similar to a 1950s jalopy with a flat tire, I pick it up and a spits a fuzzball back at me. This happens about every five seconds. You can imagine how much fun that was.

Another not so great thing, the toilet flushes itself about once an hour. I think maintenance will be able to deal with that though.

New apartments also usually come with a great mystery as well and I'm proud to say I have already solved mine. This is my washer/dryer:

This is a very happy thing because I can now actually wash AND dry at the same time! (In my last place that happened all in the same hole and was a bit of a pain because the dryer kinda sucked. Not that I'm complaining! In unit laundry is not something to complain about!) I've already done my first loads of wash and found that the dryer wasn't exactly working too well. However, I couldn't seem to find the filter that they said had to be unloaded. I looked all over the unit. Under the dryer, off to the side, on the top, nothing. I figured I'd ask management when I got a chance. And then I looked again...

Do you see it? No? Don't worry. I wouldn't have either if it hadn't fallen out in my hand. It's that wierd looking space on the right. That whole thing comes out and is about two inches deep. Rather ingenious when you think about it. However, I apparently have above average intelligence compared to past residents of this place as, when I took it out it was crammed to death with lint and so was all the space around it and behind it! Yuck!! I won't tell you what I found in there for fear you may be eating as you read this (doesn't everyone have breakfast infront of their computer?!). Let's just say, mystery solved and I think the dryer will work much better next time.

So now that things are pretty much settled around here I have jobs to apply for, an audition to practice for, hotel reservations to make in Pittsburgh, PA for a wedding at the beginning of September (I'm the maid of honor, yikes!) and, believe it or not, I have to pack again! I'm going back to Maine this weekend. Something tells me the packing will be postponed to the very last second... oh wait...that's how it always goes!

Next time...knitting content!

Edit: I just found this on another blog and had to post it. It's hilarious!!