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Finishing and starting...

She's blocked:

She's done!

(Yes I'm using a cat toy as a place to hang a finished object. Sue me.)

Branching Out is all finished and ready for cold weather. The blocking really helped this pattern show up a lot. I'm really starting to believe in this whole blocking thing...

New project

And of course I've already started something else even though it required me buying another size 8 Addi since my other two were already busy:

A big red blob (does anyone else remember that awful movie?!)!! Well, no, not really. But that is certainly how it photographs at this point. It's actually going to be Sitcom Chic in cherry red cotton ease. I figured that considering I had 6 balls of this color and this pattern actually specifies this yarn it would be a good match. So far so good. I'm almost done with the increase rows. It's a good project to working on while watching football this afternoon.

Speaking of sports... I was so excited I almost embarrassed myself this morning. Hockey showed up on my scoreboard page!! You know where I'll be on October 5th...

Almost equally exciting was the $5 off coupon from the Fabric Place that arrived in my e-mail yesterday. Just so happens I have to go past there on the way to meet HWJF for dinner tonight. Now the real question is do I get yarn for this or these??