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Let's talk knitting, shall we?

It seems so trivial considering what else is going on in the world right now, but I'm blogging in a public place and don't feel like crying about Katrina in front of the locals, so how about some knitting content?

After seeing this post from Lisa, and making a little trade with Eklectika (who just finished an awesome Soliel, go check it out!), I decided to embark on Cable 8. Had I only known that two strands of Cotton Ease would get the same results as called for in the pattern sooner, I would have had this top done a long time ago. Alas, I am sometimes not so bright (yeah. Who am I kidding. Sometimes?!?). So with inspiration I got started last week and finished the back in the car between CT and Pittsburgh. Here it is so far:

You can see the cables a little better without the flash:

The pattern sizes don't quite work for me. The 2nd size is too small and the 3rd is too big so I'm going with the smaller one and hoping it will stretch enough that I won't look like a stuffed sausage. I know it's probably hard to judge from these pics, but, should I be worried?!? Any of you who have already made this find that it "contracts" a bit without a body in it? It is cotton ease so I'm thinking that it might not be too bad. The other garments I've made with this yarn seem to have grown a little with wear. I'm planning on casting on for the front tonight at SnB. Here's hoping it isn't for nothing.

And just cause I found this on the memory stick, how about a gratuitous kitty pic?

Can't you just see her thinking, "Yes. I am the Queen. You may take my picture now."