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One down, another on the needles...

Presenting a finished Clapotis #2!

Here's another look:

(Photos courtesy of HWJF. Can you believe he told me the other night that not only does he think my knitting is cool, but my blogging about it is too?! I think I'll keep him around for a while. ;-) )

I took Clapotis #2 out on the town Sunday night with HWJF and Sami. (Do go check out Sami's finished Blaze. It's absolutely beautiful!) Please remember that I am almost 6 feet tall and that will give you some idea why I was having such a hard time holding this thing up. It's huge! It blocked out to be way bigger than the finished measurements called for and I still had yarn to spare (unlike some other recent projects *ahem*). Turns out the yarn vendor is actually in NY (I got this at the CT Sheep and Wool festival. WTF?!) so it may be easier to acquire more of this yarn than I first thought.

My focus for now is on Sitcom Chic. I'm almost done with the first sleeve:

I think that I'm going to make the sleeves a little longer than called for in the pattern since I have plenty of yarn (stop laughing!) and 3/4 sleeves tend to bug me a bit. I'm doing that by just knitting a few more rounds after the increases are finished. I'm hoping that won't mess with the way the thing fits in any other way than sleeve length. If I'm wrong, please stop me now!