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Samus I hear you calling!!

Fall is definitely in the air here at chez Zarzuela. Yesterday I was able to turn off the AC and leave the windows open while I was home and it actually got a bit chilly in my apartment. I had oatmeal for breakfast this morning which is definitely a cold weather ritual for me. As much as I don't like what follows fall, it's kind of nice to see the seasons changing again. However, that really means I need to finish up my cotton content projects!

Take Sitcom for instance:

Here she is with stitches cast off for the arm holes already. I got to this point around Tuesday last week and I cast on for the first sleeve:

I finished up the ribbing on my size 5s but then I'm supposed to go back to size 8s. Only one problem, pair number one is busy with the body and pair number two is busy with Clapotis No. 2. So after a couple of football games, watching "Monster in-law" (which was actually a bit of a laugh despite the fact that J-Lo was in it) with Robyn, Glen and Sami, and several more hours of knitting it finally looks like this:

Yep. She's all finished and blocking away. I still love the alpaca yarn. So soft! And having a full sized clapotis is definitely going to be a joy as the colder weather starts settling in more and more. She may even make her public debut tonight if I can get her dry in time. I'm seriously thinking about seeing if I can get some more of this yarn to make a real shawl. I guess all the lace work and shawl knitting going on in certain blogs has caught my eye.

So now that I have my needles back I can get going on Sitcom, finish her up and be on to Samus. Soon my lovely wool/mohair friend. Soon we will be together...

Oh yeah, remember the sock from the last post? It now looks like this:

Sometimes you just have to suck it up and go back to the drawing board.