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What to say...

Time seems to get away from me more and more often these days. Once again it's been a week since I've posted. How did that happen? So what have I been up to?

1. Going to a wedding in Pittsburgh this weekend. Pictures will be forthcoming (HWJF has them on his camera and considering he had to work yesterday (yes, on LABOR day!) I wasn't going to bug him for them too fast). I was the maid of honor. I was the only member of the bridal party besides the best man. I organized a bachlorette party involving people who mostly don't speak English (and I don't speak Polish. See why this is so interesting?). All went well, but I'm still tired. And the many hours in the car and many shots of vodka probably didn't help that so much.

2. As I'm sure all of you have been doing, I've been reading and watching the news and trying to figure out what to do to help the hurricane survivors. There are links all over blogs at this point, but if you still need somewhere to start looking, check out the new link in my sidebar under Charities. I can't begin to say anything meaningful or anything that hasn't already been said so let me just add my sympathies to all involved.

3. Strangely, life continues. I have a job interview on Friday and another to schedule for the end of this month or the beginning of next.

4. There is still happiness in the world. One of my college roommates called this weekend to let me know that she's pregnant! Suggestions for baby blanket patterns would be much appreciated. At least I have some time. She isn't due until April or May.

So that's the wrap up. Now that all major trips are done for the foreseeable future it's time to get back to the usual. All while remembering how lucky I am to be able to think about usual things.