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Button button who's got the button??

I do! Sitcom is done and after a little button shopping with Sami I ended up with these:

I think they will work out pretty well. Just have to get them on and get the official finished object picture taken. HWJF already offered to take it for me. :-)

Once that's done I'll definitely be gearing up for Samus. I joined the knitalong yesterday and will be swatching soon. I thought a smaller project might be good in the meantime so I'm taking another stab at this:

No I'm not stabbing my poor little kitty! That's the beginning of the fluted banister socks again. Although Miss Kitty was looking to die last night when I discovered after leaving said sock unattended on the couch for 1.5 min. that she had cut my yarn for me. >:-( I was not a happy camper.

Since several people asked, I'm planning on going to Rhinebeck on Saturday the 15th. Turns out I have a gig the next day so it works out fine. I'm also planning on posting directions to the blog sometime next week. Last year, some people from our SnB group went and the directions they got were not good at all.

This weekend I'm planning on going back to NY to visit my folks, check directions, exchange summer clothes for winter ones and enjoy a home cooked meal. It's hard to believe that I have to do the season change of closet space already, but it is getting chilly around here.

The trip home should be a great cap to what is shaping up to be the best week ever. Wednesday I'll be home watching opening day of hockey season (I'll miss my SnB buds, but I think they'll understand)! My Sabres are even playing the Islanders so I'll actually get to see them and I can't wait. They've done really well in the preseason which is making me a little nervous, but I'll just be SO happy to have hockey back!! Friday I have a date for the new Wallace & Gromit movie!! That is going to be just awesome. And Thursday I expect to be making a big announcement. Some of you who read the blog already know, so don't spoil the surprise ok?! ;-)

And most of all, a very Happy Birthday to my Grandpa who is 86 years old today! Hope you had a great day Grandpa!!